Who Wins Where! – Body Wash Brands

From an eCommerce strategy execution standpoint, brands have a multitude of decisions to make – which platform to optimize, pricing, partnerships, etc. And each of these decisions leads to a specific impact on the e-commerce value chain. For instance, the choice of a platform where a brand should run marketing campaigns and acquire users should be in line with the audience it is targeting and if the platform can deliver those audiences at scale.

Taking Body Wash as an example, as per Vumonic Datalabs estimates the Body Wash Segment contributes more than 10% of the overall Body and Bath category.

The overall Body wash is an undifferentiated category, with many brands playing in many price bands. 

All of these subcategories have different benefits and in turn different platform preferences

We analyzed nearly 200K Beauty items sold on these platforms from the period of Jan to June 2022 and it is clear that for the Body Wash segment the consumer preferences for the choice of brand vary across different platforms. Amazon delivers 47% of the Body wash segment volume and after that, Flipkart & Nykaa deliver almost 20% each in this segment.

It is no surprise that Nivea which is a value brand and is often promoting large SKUs has come up on top in large Marketplaces like Amazon & Flipkart.  This is interesting as Pears, a Hindustan Unilever brand, gets higher volume in Bigbasket & Flipkart – as it leverages its grocery play as a company. Nykaa is doing a much better job at driving volume for niche brands like Neutrogena. 

Consumer behavior data is crucial to know and should get baked into the strategy for efficient execution. This can be done effectively by using Vumonic’s behavioral data for eCommerce for many different categories.


Written by: Anupam Asthana

Date:  15 September 2022

Vumonic Datalabs is a global consumer intelligence platform. We provide high-quality, deterministically linked, large structured data that can be used to derive deep consumer,  business, and market insights. Our proprietary data pipelines deliver unbiased actual transaction data collected in a privacy and secure manner via large global panels.