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Vumonic captures billions of real online purchases, so you can stay ahead of the trends (and the competition).

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Real purchase
data from platforms


source of e-commerce consumer Insights in India

Track Brand & Marketshare

See which brand is winning the category and track how it's changing over time.

Understand Consumer Behavior

Stop tracking clicks and app installs. Start tracking real spends.

Slice & Dice with Filters

Filter by over a dozen demographics to understand exactly who is driving the trend.

Invest in Real Data

Over 1.5M+ online shoppers have opted in to passively sharing data with Vumonic.

Watch and analyze charts

Our Industry-leading, dynamic data visualization tells the real story in a few simple clicks.

Coverage for every online category imaginable

Market research companies, brands, ecommerce platforms, investment firms, and digital marketing agencies use Vumonic data to track trends and insights across the categories below:

Online Grocery
Electronics & Mobile
Beauty & Personal Care
Home Goods
Food Delivery
Ridehail & Taxi
Streaming Subscriptions
Playstore & App Store
Banking & Payment Wallets
Hotels & Flights
Health & Wellness

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Spend More Effectively

"We use Vumonic to understand trends across the entire market, not just within our platform. We spend our resources more efficiently as a result of it."

Head of Consumer Insights
Leading Ecommerce Platform

Increase Online Sales

"Vumonic was our core source of intelligence when launching offline brands online. Now we use it to track trends and competition, and launch new brands."

Ecommerce Business Head
Major FMCG Company (F&B)

Track the Competition

"Before Vumonic I didn't know what our competitor's sales were, or what the trends were happening within our category. Vumonic solved that problem for us and their data is a pleasure to work with."

VP of Strategy
D2C Personal Care Brand

Mission Critical Marketshare

"Marketshare is the #1 thing to track for us, and Vumonic is our main source input. The data quality is significantly better than other options on the market."

Head of Business Intelligence
Major Market Research Firm

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