The Dynamic Growth of Hair Serums in India's Haircare Market

The Beauty and Personal Care industry in India has witnessed significant growth, with hair serums emerging as a standout category. According to Vumonic Datalabs, the market share and consumer interest in hair serums have dramatically increased. This blog post explores the analytical trends in the growth of hair serums across major e-commerce platforms including Nykaa, Myntra, BigBasket, Instamart, Purplle, and Flipkart Supermart.

Market Evolution

Data from Vumonic Datalabs shows a notable shift in the Indian hair care market from 2021 to 2023. While traditional products such as shampoos and hair oils previously dominated the market, there has been a distinct pivot towards more specialised products like hair serums.

Growth Dynamics

1. Market Share and Growth

In 2021, hair serums held approximately 7% of the haircare market, which nearly doubled to around 14% by 2023. This increase starkly contrasts with the slight declines in the shares of shampoos and hair oils, illustrating a significant consumer shift towards hair serum products.

2. Pricing Insights

The average price of hair serums rose from about 260 INR in 2021 to 400 INR in 2023. Despite this increase, the growing market share of hair serums suggests that consumers find substantial value in the specific benefits offered by these products.

3. Brand Influence

Key players such as Livon, Streax, and L'Oreal have significantly influenced the hair serum market. These brands account for substantial portions of the market, with effective marketing strategies and product innovations that meet the evolving needs of consumers.

Consumer Purchase Behaviour

The increase in hair serum sales is reflected not only in their growing market share but also in consumer purchasing patterns. According to Vumonic Datalabs, basket analysis indicates that hair serums are often bought in conjunction with other hair care products:

  • Shampoos are included in about 10% of hair serum orders.
  • Conditioners appear in around 7% of the orders with hair serums.
  • Hair Oils are also frequently purchased, appearing in about 5% of the orders with hair serums.

These trends suggest that while consumers are embracing specialised haircare products like serums, they continue to invest in complementary items, presenting a robust opportunity for e-commerce platforms to implement effective cross-selling and bundling strategies.


The surge in popularity of hair serums in the Indian market underscores a broader trend towards specialisation within the beauty and personal care industry. According to Vumonic Datalabs, the growth trajectory of hair serums not only reflects the shifting consumer preferences but also signals potential for ongoing innovation and expansion in this segment. As the demand for targeted hair care solutions continues to rise, the sector presents fertile ground for both established brands and new entrants to thrive.

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