Philips E-Commerce Momentum: A Closer Look at Its Amazon Sales in Q4 2023

As the e-commerce landscape continues to evolve, major brands are finding their footing and capitalising on the vast opportunities presented by online retail. In a recent analysis conducted by Vumonic Datalabs analysed Philips sales performance on Amazon for the last quarter of 2023, revealing intriguing patterns and consumer behaviour. This blog post delves into the insights from October to December 2023, highlighting key trends and what they mean for the e-commerce giant and its loyal customers.

Philips Sales Performance

One of the standout findings from Vumonic Datalabs analysis is the significant portion of sales Philips achieved over the weekends. Nearly 35% of its total sales on Amazon were recorded during these days, with 20% of the sales peaking on Sundays. This suggests a strategic window for Philips to maximise promotions and targeted advertising, catering to weekend shoppers looking to explore and purchase electronics and healthcare products.

The Amazon Prime Effect

The influence of Amazon Prime membership on purchasing decisions is undeniable, and Philips' sales data supports this trend. Approximately 50% of Philips buyers were Amazon Prime members, indicating a strong correlation between membership and the likelihood of purchasing Philips products. Prime members benefit from faster shipping, exclusive deals, and a plethora of other perks, making them more inclined to shop on Amazon. 

Philips AOV and Average Discount

Analysing the average order value and discounts offered provides a window into consumer spending habits and Philips' pricing strategies. The average order value stood at around 900 INR, with an average discount of 110 INR. 

Top Selling Products of Philips on Amazon

Philips' diverse product range saw varied successes across different categories. The top-selling products included the Philips 25W LED Bulb, Beard Trimmer, Multi Grooming Kit, Avent Classic Teat One Slot, and the Viva Collection Induction Cooktop. These best-sellers reflect a broad consumer interest in both home essentials and personal grooming products.

Philips Top Selling Cities

The leading cities in terms of sales volume were Bengaluru, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. This urban-centric sales distribution highlights the potential for Philips to further penetrate tier-2 and tier-3 cities, expanding its market reach within India's rapidly growing e-commerce sector.


For Philips and similar brands looking to enhance their e-commerce presence, the insights from Vumonic Datalabs offer valuable lessons. Emphasising weekend sales, targeting Amazon Prime members, and understanding consumer spending patterns are critical components of a successful online retail strategy. Moreover, leveraging data on top-selling products and city-wise sales distribution can help tailor marketing efforts and product development to meet evolving consumer needs. As we move forward, the e-commerce landscape will undoubtedly continue to shift. 

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is based on the data analysis conducted by Vumonic Datalabs and is subject to market dynamics and fluctuations. 


Written by: Samiksha Mulik

Date: 26 March 2024

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