The Curious Case of Beauty Battles

Overall in the eCommerce space Beauty segment is one of the top contributors to overall eCommerce order volume. As per Vumonic Datalabs estimates the Beauty Segment contributes more than 10% of overall items sold online. And within this Beauty Segment contribution of Skincare is the highest at 33% followed by Hair Care at 25% 

Make-up along with Bath and Body constitute the remaining 42% of items sold in the Beauty segment online across the top marketplaces – Amazon, Flipkart, Bigbasket, Nykaa, Purplle, Snapdeal & Tatacliq.

The overarching trend in the Beauty segment is the shift of consumer focus from problem focus products to ingredient-focused products. This, in turn, leads to interesting challenges on marketplaces, as these are primarily discovery platforms for many brands ingredient-based storytelling becomes difficult on these marketplaces. The growth of D2C platforms like - Myglamm, Mamaearth, and Sugar Cosmetics is a fallout of this trend as these companies are choosing to do more intensive communication on their own platforms.

We analyzed nearly 200K Beauty items sold on these platforms from the period of Jan to June 2022 and it is clear that the consumer preferences for the choice of platforms vary across different subcategories of Beauty. This is interesting as all the platforms are seeking business from young urban females however Nykaa is doing a much better job at it for the Make-up subsegment The main reason for this huge lead for Nykaa in this subsegment is that they are seen as a focused platform for Beauty needs. Another interesting point to note is that Flipkart and Nykaa may have a lower volume of Beauty items sold online however these platforms have almost one-third market share when it comes to the overall value of these products

Consumer behavior data is crucial to know and should get baked into the strategy for efficient execution. This can be done effectively by using Vumonic’s behavioral data for eCommerce for many different categories.

In our next piece, we will explore Face Skincare for key Platforms.


Written by: Anupam Asthana

Date:  02 Sept 2022

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