Purplle's Sales Performance, AOV & Avg. Discounts for Quarter 2 of 2023!

Purplle, a dynamic and vibrant online beauty platform has redefined the way beauty enthusiasts indulge in cosmetics. With a mission to make beauty accessible to all, Purplle offers a vast array of beauty products, skincare essentials, and grooming must-haves at your fingertips. It was founded with a passion for beauty with technology. Through an intuitive interface and a diverse range of products from renowned brands, Purplle brings endless possibilities within the world of beauty.

Let's have a look at a glimpse of Purplle's sales performance, growth, AOV & discounts it gave to their consumers in Quarter 2 of 2023!

Purplle's Sales Performance & Growth in Quarter 2

Vumonic Datalabs did an analysis on Purplle, the beauty haven for enthusiasts, for its sales spanning from July to October 2023. Amongst the captivating array of sales events including Jazz July, I Heart Beauty, Ganesh Chaturthi, and Navratri, the standout was undeniably the month of August, which emerged as the pinnacle of sales performance.

The I Heart Beauty sale, held from 2nd to 10th August, showcased an impressive performance by generating sales that were 2.6 times higher than the vibrant Navratri sale and nearly 70% more than the combined sales of Jazz July and Navratri!

Purplle's AOV & Avg. Discounts in Quarter 2 of 2023

Throughout the sales records, the average order value consistently fell within the range of 160 to 190 INR. The "I Heart Beauty" sale was notably more successful than others, selling nearly 3.5 times as many products in the 0 to 250 INR price range.

Despite the differing order values, discounts were uniformly distributed across the sales, averaging between 100 to 110 INR. This consistency in discounts maintained an equilibrium across the sales events, ensuring customers received enticing deals and promotions regardless of the specific event.


Delving into the popular brands that dominated the sales charts during these events, it was evident that Good Vibes, Alps Goodness, and NY Bae emerged as the top-selling brands. Their popularity soared during the sales, capturing the attention of beauty enthusiasts.

As we anticipate the upcoming sales events, one thing remains certain – Purplle's dedication to curating exceptional beauty experiences continues to set the bar high in the world of online beauty retail.