Platforms Share for Top Brands Facial Creams and Moisturisers

Overall in the eCommerce space Beauty segment is one of the top contributors to overall eCommerce order volume. Additionally, 2022 has been a bumper year for the Beauty and Make segment. Especially, with many women returning back to work the demand for these product categories has hit the roof. 

Within the Beauty category, Facial Skincare contributes to nearly 30% of order volume and within Facial Skincare – the Creams & Moisturizer sub-category contributes to nearly 30% of order volume

We analyzed nearly 20K Creams and Moisturizers sold on these platforms from the period of Jan to March 2022 and it is clear that the consumer preferences for the choice of platforms vary across different Brands and Tiers within the Creams and Moisturizers sub-category. 

Overall the first important decision for any brand is – which platform can provide them scale. For this subcategory, Amazon sells almost the same volume as the rest of the platforms! This is a crucial point of any brand trying to make a space for itself, as strong partnership and execution on Amazon can go a long way. Thus brands like Mamaearth, Wow Skin  Science, and L’Oreal are getting nearly 3/4th of their order volume from Amazon.  

Minimalist has also found a specific niche by maximizing growth on Amazon and Nykaa – which leads to it being the Top Cream & Moisturizer brand in h1 2022.

On the other hand, Flipkart and Purplle have maximum Tier 3 contribution – This is so because the Tier 3 consumers are seeking value brands with strong support from platforms on delivery, returns, etc. And both these platforms perform exceptionally well in terms of relevant product mix and customer support. 

Ponds, The Derma Company, and Garnier are good case studies for optimizing across platforms – as these are value brands and need to source volume for Tier 2 & 3 markets thus doing more business for Flipkart and Purple  

Consumer behavior data is crucial to know and should get baked into the strategy for efficient execution. This can be done effectively by using Vumonic’s behavioral data for eCommerce for many different categories.


Written by: Anupam Asthana

Date:  30 Sept 2022

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