Mamaearth’s Sales Performance, AOV and Top Selling Products on Nykaa for Oct-Dec 2023

As the beauty and personal care industry continues to boom, brands like Mamaearth are making significant strides, especially on popular platforms like Nykaa. Vumonic Datalabs looked into Mamaearth's performance during the October to December quarter of 2023, highlighting the impact of Nykaa's Pink Friday Sale. This blog sheds light on the data, analysing sales trends, consumer behaviour, and the products that stole the spotlight.

Mamaearth during Nykaa’s Pink Friday Sale

Nykaa's Pink Friday Sale, a much-anticipated event in November, proved to be a game-changer for Mamaearth. Remarkably, the sale contributed to almost 40% of Mamaearth's total sales for the quarter. This surge underscores the power of strategic sales events in driving brand performance and consumer engagement.

Mamaearth’s Average Order Value 

Interestingly, the average order value (AOV) saw a modest increase during the sale period, from INR 290 in October to INR 310 in November. This slight uptick suggests that while consumers were keen to take advantage of the sale, their purchasing patterns remained relatively consistent in terms of value.

Mamaearth’s Average Discount

A significant factor contributing to the sale's success was the increase in the average discount, which saw a nearly 20% rise during November. The discount value jumped from 140 INR in October to 170 INR in the sale month, making the deals more attractive to consumers and likely driving higher sales volumes.

Mamaearth’s Top-Selling Products

The quarter saw a diverse range of Mamaearth products emerging as favourites among consumers. The top-selling items included:

  1. Mamaearth Onion Hair fall Shampoo
  2. Mamaearth Aloe Vera Gel
  3. Mamaearth Ubtan Face Wash with Turmeric & Saffron
  4. Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil
  5. Mamaearth Rosemary Hair Growth Oil


The Pink Friday Sale's impact on Mamaearth's sales on Nykaa offers valuable insights into consumer behaviour and the effectiveness of sales events. The slight increase in the average order value, coupled with a substantial rise in the average discount, underscores the strategic importance of such events. Furthermore, the popularity of specific products during this period highlights consumer preferences and can guide future inventory and marketing strategies. As brands and platforms alike strive to optimise their sales strategies, the lessons from Mamaearth’s performance during this quarter are sure to resonate widely.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is based on the data analysis conducted by Vumonic Datalabs and is subject to market dynamics and fluctuations. 


Written by: Samiksha Mulik

Date: 27 February 2024

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