HRX Sales Journey, AOV and Top Selling Products on Myntra for July-September 2023

As the sun sets on a decade marked by innovation and style in the fitness world, we turn our spotlight to a brand that has redefined athletic wear in India – HRX, launched by Hrithik Roshan and Exceed Entertainment. As HRX celebrates its ten-year anniversary, its remarkable journey through the Indian fashion landscape is worth exploring, especially its recent sales triumphs. Vumonic Datalabs analysed HRX's impressive performance on Myntra for the July-September 2023 period. The findings are a testament to the brand's growing influence.

HRX’s Sales Growth

In September 2023 alone, HRX's sales soared, contributing to nearly 40% of the overall sales in the quarter. This spike is significant, indicating a strong customer preference as we transition from monsoon to autumn. Mid-July also saw a surge, accounting for 15% of the sales – perhaps a nod to fitness enthusiasts gearing up for post-monsoon workout regimes.

 HRX’s Average Order Value and Average Discount

The average order value for HRX stood at a reasonable 580 INR, indicating the brand's accessibility to a wide range of consumers. Interestingly, the average discount was around 1100 INR, suggesting that savvy shoppers are getting high-quality products at great prices, a strategy that might be driving sales volumes.

HRX’s Top Selling Products

The crown jewels in HRX's product line include their Memory Foam Technology Running Shoes, Solid Men's Joggers, and the Rapid Dry Running T-Shirt. These products blend innovation, comfort, and style, clearly resonating with the fitness-conscious crowd.

HRX’s Top Converting Cities in India

HRX's appeal spans India's metropolises, with Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, and Mumbai emerging as top-selling cities. This geographical spread underscores HRX's pan-India appeal, transcending regional preferences.


As HRX steps into its next decade, its journey from a celebrity brand to a staple in India's fitness wardrobe is nothing short of inspiring. With evolving fashion trends and a growing emphasis on fitness, the brand seems poised for even greater heights.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is based on the data analysis conducted by Vumonic Datalabs and is subject to market dynamics and fluctuations. 


Written by: Samiksha Mulik

Date: 22 January 2024

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