Unravelling Bournvita's Impressive Run on Amazon: April-June 2023 Snapshot!

Here at Vumonic, we're always buzzing with the latest e-commerce trends and brand stories. Today, we have something truly riveting for you – an in-depth look at Bournvita's dazzling performance on Amazon in the past quarter!

Dominance in the 'Health Drinks and Nutrition Bars' Category

Hold onto your hats because Bournvita isn't just participating, it's leading the charge! Claiming a robust 35% of the market share in the 'Health Drinks and Nutrition Bars' segment, it's leaving quite an impression. For context, competitors Glucon-D and Horlicks are each hovering around 25%, while Dabur just sneaks under the 10% mark.

Diving into the Average Order Value

On the financial side, Bournvita is turning heads and for good reason. With an average order value (AOV) of around 650 INR, it's significantly above the category's average of 400 INR. Clearly, Bournvita is the choice consumers are willing to splurge on!

Bournvita’s Star Products

While all of Bournvita’s offerings are commendable, there are a few showstoppers:

Cadbury Bournvita Chocolate Health Drink - 2kg - Clearly the heavyweight champion!

Cadbury Bournvita Health Drink Pouch - 750g - Compact yet powerful!

Cadbury Bournvita Chocolate Health Drink- 1.5kgs (2 * 750g) - Double the goodness!

Cadbury Bournvita Health Drink, 1kg jar - A staple in many households.

Cadbury Bournvita Chocolate Health Drink 200g jar - Perfect for those on the move!

And here's a zinger: the ‘Health Drinks and Nutrition Bars’ category products make up a whopping 90% of Bournvita’s sales. Talk about dominating the field!


Bournvita's surge in the last quarter is nothing short of remarkable, showcasing its stronghold in the e-commerce space. As the months unfold, all eyes will be on how this brand further amplifies its magic.