Uncovering Insights from Flipkart's Winter Bonanza

Vumonic knows every little detail about what people are buying online, and is happy to share awesome insights with you in the new year! Vumonic is reshaping the ecommerce landscape in the country and helping organizations all over India increase profits, target their marketing better, and beat out the competition.

As winter approaches, ecommerce businesses in India are primed to capitalize on the seasonal trends of increased purchases of winterwear. Market research and consumer insight teams must stay abreast with rapidly shifting customer needs to ensure successful product launches and seasonal special deals. Vumonic data confirms that 20% of Flipkart Clothing sales in November were in the winterwear category. The average spend per item within the category is around 700 INR – showing that, while this figure has increased substantially over the years, Indian consumers are still value shoppers even when purchasing more expensive products like coats and jackets.

Some of the best sellers in the Category, with a range of popular designs and stylish pieces, were:

  • Christyworld,
  • Roadster, and
  • Metronaut

On the more name-brand side boasting well-made apparel and on-trend designs, we saw the following brands have a good November month:

  • Puma,
  • Allen Solly, and
  • Wildcraft

For those looking for good quality at competitive prices in November, the aforementioned brands offered great value for money; this proved attractive to a large segment of Indian shoppers. This fascinating month of sales also served as an invitation to research teams and market analysts to understand what factors influence consumer decisions when faced with different price points when buying items online.

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