Parachute by Marico: Budget Hair Bliss!

Vumonic Datalabs is here to once again give you a sneak peak into the world of personal care. Today we have Parachute, the creation of Marico! With a family of renowned brands, including Livon, Set Wet, and Saffola, Marico has become a name we trust.

Marico's sales on Amazon for the first quarter of 2023 revealed: 40% of beauty category sales are attributed to the hair oil category alone. Parachute hair oils have been a household product. Out of all the products of Marico, Parachute brings almost 35% of sales, followed by Saffola and Set Wet with 30% and 25% respectively. One standout feature of Parachute products is their accessible pricing. The average order value for Parachute products stands at a mere 210 INR, making it a cost-effective choice that outshines its pricier counterparts.

In a market teeming with new entrants, Parachute maintains a firm grip with a 10% market share. Notably, almost 80% of Parachute's consumers fall within the age group of 18-35. 

Marico, with its tagline of "make a difference", is indeed doing just that with its products.