Flipkart's Top Selling Shaving and Beard Care Brands

This is the most peculiar category. A wonder story of David and Goliath. Gillete is the most popular brand in this category. For Procter and Gamble (P&G) - Gillete is their most precious brand and they invest heavily behind it with high decibel omni channel campaigns, new product development for catering to different price points. It is no wonder that Gillete is the Top brand in this category by a huge margin! It garnered nearly 60% market share in both the quarters. 

However, equally interesting is the story and path of new / startup brands like – Ustraa, MUUCHSTAC, Beardo & Bombay Shaving Company. Their success is all built on great and effective products and capitalising niche needs like beard oils, combs, gift kits etc.

The Top 10 brands in this category collectively gather nearly 80% of volume share – this indicates that the customer chooses within a limited set of brands. This creating strong positioning and affordability perceptions will lead to better scale in this category. 

The key to success is about sharp positioning and especially on ecommerce; the focus should be on the urban user’s changing lifestyle and hence different needs for shaving and beard care.


Blog written by : Anupam Asthana

Date:  10 June 2022

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