Flipkart’s Top Selling Mobile Phone Brands

Unsurprisingly, Realme is the top selling brand on Flipkart for two consecutive quarters, Q4 2021 and Q1 2022. Even combining all the Xiaomi brands (Redmi, Poco) Realme still comes in #1 by a ~2X volume margin.

Realme has crafted a very sound strategy that picks up steam on consumer demand. The young urban consumers on Flipkart are looking for high specs at affordable prices. Realme has addressed this need gap very effectively. For example, they came up with affordable 5G phones back in Q3 2021.

Apple is also an interesting case study – during Diwali quarter, Apple crept up to 3rd position with a discounting strategy. However, in the next quarter, it sunk back to #10 without any discounts to drive volume.

Source: Vumonic

For brands, the strategy is clear: offer new features, high quality, and discounting, and the volume will come.


Blog written by : Anupam Asthana

Date: 04 May 2022

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