Flipkart's Top Selling Kitchen Appliances Brands

Kitchen Appliances is a fairly well penetrated category on the e-commerce channel.Also it is a fairly well defined category with a clear and set number of brands playing in this category. Key brands like – Pigeon, Butterfly, Prestige, Bajaj and Lifelong have maintained their position in the category over quarters. 

Pigeon by far has the most significant lead  brand and has been able to capture high volumes in the sub-categories where it plays. It has been able to do so by leveraging its high recall value and brand equity that it enjoys. Also it is the most affordable brand with lowest Average Selling Price (ASP) for approx Rs. 1100; which is lower than most of the brands in the Top 10 list.

The Top 10 brands in this category collectively gather nearly 60% of volume share & the next 20 brands capture another 16% of volume. This indicates that the customer chooses within a limited set of brands. This creating strong positioning and affordability perceptions will lead to better scale in this category. 

The key to success is about sharp positioning and increasing visibility. Especially on e-commerce; the focus should be on the urban user’s changing lifestyle and hence different needs for the customers. This can be done effectively by using Vumonic’s behavioural data for e-commerce for may different categories like Kitchen Appliances.


Blog written by : Anupam Asthana

Date:  20 June 2022

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