Flipkart's Top Selling Hair Care & Accessories Brands

Hair Care products have relatively higher penetration compared to other personal care categories. It is one of the most heavily advertised categories also. HUL has two key brands - Dove and Tresemme in the Top 10 brands by volume market share. L’Oreal, P&G (Head and Shoulders) and Marico (Parachute) and other key players.  

These brands have made a place at top consistent brand and marketing efforts; additionally high decibel campaigns using celebrity endorsements have helped them maintain leadership positions.

However, equally interesting is the story and path of new / startup brands like – Mamaearth, Wow Life Science, Biotique and Beardo. Their success is all built on great and effective products and capitalising on organic and natural ingredients uptake trend.

The Top 10 brands in this category collectively gather nearly 60% of volume share this means that the remaining 500+ brands capture about 40% of volume – this indicates a highly fragmented category with many brands building products to cater to varying needs like shine, hairfall, dandruff etc. 

But key to success is about sharp positioning and especially if on online channels then focus on the urban user’s disposition towards natural organic and sustainable products.  


Blog written by : Anupam Asthana

Date:  01 June 2022

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