Flipkart's Top Selling Fragrances Brands

Fragrance products have relatively higher penetration compared to other personal care categories. It is quite intriguing that apart from HUL none of the other major FMCG conglomerates have brands in the Top 10 in this category. Also it is worth noting the on marketplaces like Flipkart mostly brands focused on Men - Fogg, Denver, Wild Stone are top brands coming up consistently over quarters. 

These brands have made a place at top with competitive pricing and high decibel campaigns using celebrity endorsements. Together they capture more than one third of fragrances sold on Flipkart 

Brands from large companies – HUL (Axe), Nivea, Marico (Set Wet) are ranked lower in the order and have low market share.

The Top 10 brands in this category collectively gather more than 60% of volume share this means that the remaining 150 brands capture about 40% of volume – this indicates that the brand choices are limited to fewer brands. ___________________________________________________________________

Blog written by : Anupam Asthana

Date: 27 May 2022

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