Data Tells All: Unveiling Snapdeal's Top January Ecommerce Trends

As a leading ecommerce market research firm in India, Vumonic is excited to share the latest insights from Snapdeal's January sale. Our team of data analysts observed some interesting trends that reveal the preferences of Snapdeal customers.

Despite a small percentage of orders having discounts, the average discount was in the range of 50-100 INR. This indicates that even a small discount can still drive customers to make a purchase.

We also observed that Snapdeal customers tend to prefer cash on delivery (COD) as a payment option, unlike on Amazon and Flipkart. This is a unique behavior that sets Snapdeal apart from its competitors.

Now, let's talk about the top-selling products on Snapdeal in January. Phillauri Teeth Whitening Denture, GIT 32 Pcs Screwdriver Set, Niine Baby Diapers, SGJet 4 Socket Extension Board, Afflatus Skin Whitening Creme, Boat Airdopes, Myntra INR 250 Gift Card, Denver Caliber Body Spray, Muuchstac Ocean Face Wash, and Silicone Shower Bath Belt all made the list. It's clear that Snapdeal customers have diverse interests and are open to trying out new products from lesser-known brands.

In terms of sales days, the 16th, which coincided with Republic Day, was the highest selling day with around 2x the normal daily average volume. Additionally, the 5th, 13th, and 21st also showed notably larger volume sale days, while the 15th was one of the lowest sale days, around 3.5x smaller than the 16th.

Our analysis also revealed that Snapdeal customers have an average order value (AOV) in the high 300s/low 400s, with the average items per order being around 2. This indicates that Snapdeal customers are looking for quality products that are still affordable.

In conclusion, our research provides a window into the shopping behavior of Snapdeal customers. With our expertise in ecommerce data and insights, Vumonic remains the go-to source for companies looking to stay on top of industry trends and make data-driven decisions.